A List OF 'Must' IF You Are In The IT Industry

By, Sushmita
5th August 2022

Be it a simple grocery shop, railway ticket counter, or electricity bill, everything is associated with IT. Anything or everything with computer systems for any business operations, services, governance or management is now IT! The IT industry has excellent job opportunities with a large variety of roles and designations. Jobs in the IT industry can be interesting, rewarding, lucrative, and tough but masterful if you possess the right skill set and thrive expertise.

Nowadays, most people are shifting towards the IT industry. As this industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide providing jobs full of opportunities for professional success. The IT industry offers quick employment, opportunities in every sector, multiple career paths, and high salaries and it only asks for the proper skillset to go up the ladder.

Here is a list of ‘Must’ If you are in the IT industry or willing to enter:

Learn Basics And Get Started:

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Whether you are working on the same language/platform for ages, thinking of shifting to a new role or transitioning to IT, may it be any reason to start something new in the IT sector all you have to do is build a strong foundation by learning fundamental basics of that particular role/topic. Follow your interests and kickstart the learning process by utilizing the simplest resource like YouTube, Free courses, Google Search, Read e-books etc. Learning the fundamentals will give you enough confidence to start solving the greater problems. 

Don’t ever jumpstart directly to huge assignments if you are new. Start with baby steps by writing a few simple programs incorporating all the basic concepts, and then consider working on a bigger project. A clear idea of the concepts is all you need to learn a new programming language. While it seems daunting at first, you can take help from any resource or Google can go a long way in helping you with all your doubts and issues.

If you are interested in E-commerce, website designing & development you can always reach out to Coditron Technologies. Being in the market for the past few years with experts having 13+ years of experience, I think we can definitely be your help in some or the other way. You can follow our blogs to learn more about the services we offer and the technologies we use.

Stay Updated:

Anyone who stops learning is old, Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

Working in the IT industry is all about following the latest trends. Business Owners have to embrace the latest technology trend to stay ahead of the competition. This upcoming trend directly or indirectly affects how we reach out to a customer, how customers reach our e-business, growth of the project. With these emerging changes in the organization, there is a constant need to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and skills. Don’t ever compromise with one skill set. 

People with the latest technology knowledge tend to be more efficient and often more successful. Keeping up with the technology trends has become a top priority for employees to thrive and grow in future.

Here are some ways to keep you updated with the latest trends:

  • Read tech news.
  • Read tech blogs.
  • Signup for the newsletter of the big and growing companies.
  • Take up courses to learn a new skill set.
  • Attend events and webinars.
  • Collaborate with your team or senior employees to gain knowledge.

Build A Network:

Building professional connections is one of the most worthy skills to possess. A strong network can help you in many unimaginable ways throughout your IT career. There are numerous benefits of increasing your network, such as new job opportunities, improves creative intellect, mentorship that can guide you on best practices, boosts your confidence, etc.

You can build your network through effective networking techniques like increasing your online presence, publishing your work, participating in your company, finding common ground to discuss and share your ideas, be outgoing.

Lead Your Career With Healthy Competition:

The IT industry can be very competitive. As the number of businesses is increasing with a passion to emerge into a big brand the constant need to stand out among other competitors is a must concern.  As humans, it is our basic nature to compete, share and collaborate with others. A healthy competition among other colleagues or rival companies can encourage innovation, and self-development, help with exploring and extending our potential and learning new things from the competitor.

Be Innovative And Be Professional:


Innovation not only means creating new products, ideas, and plans but also developing a method to uncover things to do them in a different way. The whole idea of how you are looking at a problem and finding a solution in the smartest and different way can altogether be an innovative step. Being innovative also helps us to stay relevant and stand out from others. 

Innovation does not need to be very big, even small suggestions or ideas can turn into a big event. For example, Netflix began as a small business and today holds one of the largest market shares. With evolving technologies, it is an uncalled need for IT people to be innovative and do smart work.

Professionalism at work is very much essential, particularly if you want to be taken seriously. Being professional sends a message to the boss that you are an asset and contribute to the company. To be more professional you can follow company policies and rules, treat others with courtesy & respect, avoid office politics & gossip, and understand and follow your company’s culture.

Coditron Technologies always encourages employees to follow a professional work ethic & mannerisms, while interacting on a personal level in the office as well as with clients.

Overall Personality Development:

Apart from technical skills, there is also a necessity to be able to be presentable, communicate with ease, and help and manage the team. To grow, be approachable and be unique from others you should develop many qualities so that you can be an allrounder and stand out from others. 

You must have good communication skills, the ability to organise and prioritize, leadership skills, a willingness to learn and grow, evolve and adapt to challenges, stress and time management, creativity, and adaptability to grow into a good model employee and not just any other ordinary tech geek.

We as Coditron Technologies employees indulge ourselves in extra activities which boost teamwork and communication among the team members.

Always Learn From Seniors And Other Employee's Experience:

“Everyone you’ll ever meet will know something you don’t. Respect that knowledge and learn from others, it will bring out the best in them and also the best in you.” As a part of evolving business, we can learn from our seniors how to tackle a difficult situation and get the best output. Mentoring and learning can be across ages, you can learn a new thing right from the intern to the CEO. Sharing knowledge can help you and your team to grow. Learning from past experiences and mistakes can be very insightful in managing new projects.  Here at Coditron Technologies, we follow effective mentorships to learn from and guide each other. We follow one-to-one mentoring, group mentoring, reverse mentoring, etc.

Willingness To Take Risks:

take risk

Taking risks does not mean undertaking a task blindly without any idea or a possibility to fulfil it. Instead taking risks means handling a difficult task with proper planning and strategy to complete it with a parallel self-learning process. 

Don’t create a comfort zone by being a part of and solving problems that fall within your knowledge boundaries. But always take an initiative to be part of things where you can push yourself and help you grow along with the organization.

For example, don’t be a part of simple and small projects that you have already worked on but take on larger projects with newer tech knowledge. This will create a do-or-die situation for you, increase your understanding of newer technologies and deepen your problem-solving skills.

Seeing Problems As A Learning Opportunity:

It is a great feeling when everything runs smoothly and there is no issue or error. We as technical professionals try our best to create such scenarios. But the ability to view issues/problems as a great learning opportunity is the best way to progress. Over a period of time, your willingness and ability to solve errors can make you a tech geek and a go-to person whenever an issue arises.

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