Magento PWA Web Development Services

If you want to move to the PWA storefront from scratch, we will build the best Magento 2 PWA website for you.

As any site requires maintenance we help you to maintain your PWA storefront at a very reasonable cost.

If you are looking for any customization in an existing store as per trends & thoughts, just share your idea and we will be delighted to help you with that.

Any third-party integration in PWA like custom payment method, shipping method & any feature related to catalogue, customer or categories & checkout.

Development or customization in the existing or new theme of the PWA store, Coditron collects the precise requirements, well understand the user’s needs, and creates the creative UI/UX for your PWA store.

Frequently asked questions ?

FAQ for Magento PWA Services

What is PWA?

A PWA is defined as a web app developed using web technologies like Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Though it is a web app, it provides a native mobile-app-like experience and helps businesses cater to the mobile audience in a cost-effective manner.

Should I invest in PWA or Native App Development?

Well, both of these are different products and what you need shall depend on your business requirements. If we compare PWAs with native apps, PWAs are cost-effective to develop and offer a native apps-like experience. Moreover, a user doesn’t need to download PWA to use it.

For a startup, which is a better option-PWA or an Android App?

To kickstart a business, a PWA is undoubtedly the best option as it lets you enjoy the benefits of web, iOS, and Android without investing a fortune in development.

Is there any scope for PWA in future?

Of course, PWAs are the future of the mobile web. They are known for reliability and speed and provide various benefits to businesses like faster loading time, increased conversion rates, easy navigation, and many more.

What companies use PWA's?

From Walmart to Alibaba, there are several brands that are using the advantages provided by PWA's.

What technologies are used to build PWA?

A progressive web application (PWA) is a type of application that runs using a web browser, and is developed using HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

In terms of benefits, how is a PWA different from a native App?

While a PWA is written to run inside a browser, native apps are developed for mobile devices. In terms of benefits, PWAs let you save money and time because they are developed once and can run on multiple platforms using a browser. On the other hand, you need to develop native apps for Android as well as iOS , which requires a lot of money and time. In addition, you do not need to submit a PWA to app stores.

Are PWAs platform-specific like native apps?

No, PWAs are not platform specific. You can think of PWA as a website that looks like a native app and can be used on any device that has a browser. All leading browsers support Progressive Web Applications, including Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox.

Can PWAs work without internet connectivity?

Yes, PWAs can work even when there is no internet connection by using the cached data during your last interaction with the application. Some features might not work as flawlessly as they would work in an online mode, but the app can be accessed.

What difference does PWA make for end users?

For end-users, the most significant benefits that PWAs provide are speed and amazing performance. These apps work flawlessly and provide all app-like features to perform the desired actions. Some of the other benefits of PWAs for end-users include small size, instant updates, offline accessibility, and no installation required.

Who needs PWA most?

PWA is a viable solution for brands that want to establish a presence on mobile but can not afford to develop a native application. However, if you already have a native or cross-platform application, it would be good to optimize them for better performance instead of developing a PWA from scratch.

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