Custom PHP Development:

Using our extensive skills and experience as the developer, we can accomplish any custom development may it be
working with core PHP, and PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel, Zend, etc to develop enterprise apps.
We have comprehensive skills in OOP, MVC & databases.

We are definitely the right combination of technologies to build high level, attention gaining websites.
We exactly know and will suggest you which eCommerce solution will be befitting for your requirements.
Our seasoned PHP development team has the the expertise to innovate feature-rich, high-performance online
storefronts either built with Magento or custom-engineered for better engagement and retention — for results
you can count on.

Full-stack PHP development services to deliver tailor-made front & Back end application development for businesses.

We can easliy connect your system with any in-house or 3rd Party applications.
We can integrate your public, private, or internal APIs into your PHP system and CMS.

Develop web applications with latest & well-known PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel, Zend,
Magento 1/2, WordPress, etc.

Be it a fully featured portal or CMS platforms, we are here to provide you with a extensive wesite/portal/platforms
that meet all the requirements. With the perfect use of combination of front-end & back-end we will help you
achieve all your goals.

PHP has one of the richest ecosystems in the web development world, with endless opportunities to modernize and upgrade legacy products and platforms. Our expert PHP development services include all you need to up-level your application.
And we also provide advanced testing to ensure your applications are running at peak performance.

Make your life easier with expert support and maintenance handled by our PHP team.
We keep your website or application running fast, safely, and smoothly with proactive troubleshooting.

Coditron Technologies


Corporate Office : Greens Center, Thergaon Pune 411033

Operation Office: USA: PO Box # 582973 ElkGrove CA 95758